August 01, 2006

Articles and Commentary on 2004 Election

Significant Articles and Commentary

This is a selective list of important articles and commentaries relating to the Ohio 2004 election which are available online, and it is by no means complete, so please feel free to call to my attention, or to remind me of, any additional articles which you feel merit inclusion, at

Voting Irregularities
Hitchens, Christopher. "Ohio's Odd Numbers" (
Keefer, Michael. "The Strange Death of American Democracy: Endgame in Ohio" (
Kennedy, Robert F., Jr. "Was the 2004 Election Stolen?" Rolling Stone Magazine.
Koehler, Robert C. "The Silent Scream of Numbers" (Tribune Media Services)
Wang, Tova Andrea. "More Trials and Tribulations for Ohio"

Legal Remedies
Lytel, David. The Honest Elections Clause of the Constitution: How to Re-Establish Legitimacy of the American Electoral Process

Conyers, John. "What Happened Last Fall? Paul Krugman Does It Again. A call to Action -- Moving Forward to 2006" (Conyers Blog)
Smith, W. Leon, and Fisher, Don M. "Ohio-Ground Zero" (Editorial - Lone Star Iconoclast --
Loo, Dennis. "No Paper Trail Left Behind: The Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election

Exit Polls and Statistical Anomalies
Tavris, Dale. "Electronic Vote Switching from Kerry to Bush - 9:1 swing state ratio"
Table accompanying Tavris report. Appendix to Tavris report.
Edison/Mitofsky. Self Evaluation 1/19/05
O'Dell, Bruce. Response to Tokaji Critique of USCV Edison/Mitofsky Exit Poll Discrepancies. 2/4/05
Tokaji, Dan. Mea Culpa Rejected. 1/31/05 (Critique of US Count Votes 2/1/05 Report)
US Count Votes. Response to Edison/Mitofsky Election System 2004 Report 2/1/05
US Count Votes. Analysis of Exit Poll Discrepancies in 2004 election. Report 4/11/05.

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