October 23, 2007

3rd Anniversary of 2004 Ohio Election Fiasco to be Observed November 2nd

The Third Anniversary of the 2004 election fiasco in Ohio, where we will talk about what problems we had in 04 and how many still need to be fixed for 08.

Nov. 2, Friday

11:30 am-1 pm, will begin with a rally and funeral service for Democracy starting at the State House, McKinley statue and winding around election officials' offices. Jazz band players and lots of drama and excitment.

If you are not the rallying type, please join us for the next event:

5:30 pm -7:00 pm at First UU Church on 93 Weisheimer Rd--that's in Clintonville, west off High St. Memorial Service for Democracy. Come share your feelings and stories of disenfranchisement during and after the 04 "election."

7:00 pm till midnight (or so) Victorian's Midnight Cafe on Fifth and Neil, (go North on High, west on Fifth), we will continue the discussion of what we still need to do to get ready for 08. Music and some good speakers. Some stories you may not have heard!

CONTACTS: Marj Creech, risenregan@earthlink, or honestelectionscow@gmail.com, 740-739-1390 , Paddy Shaffer, paddy@columbus.rr.com, 614-761-0621. Ohio Election Justice Campaign

PLEASE PASS THIS NOTICE (the last part of our Nov.2 events) to all your friends and lists--we have so little time to make a real difference before the next fiasco.

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