October 14, 2008

New song by Gary Polvinale about Ohio election fraud, "In Ohio"

Gary Polvinale, who was one of the heroes in getting the word out, and documenting, what happened in Ohio in 2004, has written a new song, "In Ohio", performed by "Madog Pavanelli & the Virtual Country Boys", available for free on his website. This word from Gary:

3 T I M E S I N O H I O

Ohio's Presidential Election was a fraud in 2000 and 2004. Care to go for three? They can. They control the elections. That'll be three times Ohio handed over the country. What about the current insane financial devastation? With that, George Bush can cross the last task off his "to screwup" list. Congress and the major candidates don't even want to get it. Wall street most surely gets it - and keeps on getting it. Meanwhile people are losing their homes, jobs and savings. We need to hold them all accountable and stop all this. In Ohio, the poster child for stolen elections... does Main Street really care??

Madog Pavanelli & the Virtual Country Boys light out after Main Street in our new song .... "In Ohio".

"In Ohio" is freely available for use by others in films, documentaries, live performances, radio and CD's. Interested parties email Gary Polvinale: garypcd@madogmusic.com

Go here to listen and for your free download: www.madogmusic.com

This music tells an important story. Copy and distribute freely.

-Gary Polvinale

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nice song