August 03, 2009

Cliff Arnebeck: "King Lincoln Election Fraud Case Alive and Well in Columbus, Ohio"

We received this statement from attorney Cliff Arnebeck:
You recently published on your web site a press release from Paddy Shaffer containing various assertions against counsel for the plaintiffs in the King Lincoln case. Paddy's group apparently felt this might be helpful to their effort to persuade the US District Court to change its decision denying their motion to intervene in our case. We responded to those assertions in court.

However, for the information of your readers, our effort continues to be to fully expose the ongoing fraudulent manipulation of our nation's elections. To succeed in this we need the help, not only of our election reform community, but also our nation's investigative press corps and law enforcement agencies--particularly at the national level. The fraud and cover up of the 2004 election was national in scope, and directed by Karl Rove out of the offices of the White House.

-Cliff Arnebeck
Trial Attorney for the Plaintiffs in the King Lincoln case in Columbus, Ohio

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