October 08, 2004

"The Lying President" : George W. Bush

It was incredible to see the President of the United States lying through his teeth, in the "town hall" debate at Washington University. He had so little ability to defend his out of control administration, that the only way for him to get through 90 minutes of sensible questions from the audience was to just make it up as he goes along.

I thought Kerry did a good job of calling him on much of it, and of presenting concrete ideas. I think the "town hall" format did not, as pundits hoped it would, help Bush at all; I think he appeared ludicrous, defensive, and untrustworthy. I think Bush sealed his doom tonight, if he had not done so already.

It amazed me to see a person in such a position to show so little dignity.

Thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

Its incredible that the debate is still on and you have already posted on it as if it was a past event. You might have wanted to watch it before you call it a failure for Bush.

raybeckerman said...

I'd watched it for 1 hour and 9 minutes. That was my verdict at that point.

The next 21 minutes were the same, except that the most incredible thing took place in that latter period. The last question Dubby was asked: to name 3 mistakes. He couldn't name one. Which demonstrates more than anything I have ever seen he is a PSYCHOPATH.