October 22, 2004

The Robot Bartender

Joe hears that local tavern has hired robotic bar tender who not only mixes drinks well, but is superb conversationalist.

Skeptical, he goes down to check it out. Sure enough, sees robot dispensing drinks. Walks up to bar, asks for champagne cocktail.
Robot says 'sure thing', and brings him excellent champagne cocktail. Robot asks 'so, what's your IQ?'. He responds
'150'. Robot then starts talking with him about opera, theater, recent films, big bang theory, classical music, and other topics.
On the way home, Joe realizes it was one of the most stimulating conversations he'd had in his entire life.

The next day, a little skeptical that a robot could really be such a great conversationalist, Joe goes back to the tavern again,
orders a bourbon and water. After Joe sips the perfectly mixed bourbon and water, robot asks him 'so, what's your IQ?' This
time Joe responds '100', just to see if anything changes. The robot then asks him 'What did you think of Sunday's Redskins game? They then proceed to a great conversation about the Redskins, about other teams, and other sports issues. Joe again feels he's had one of the best conversations in his life.

Still intrigued and still skeptical, he decides to give it one more try the next evening. This time he orders a beer. While Joe sips his beer, the robot asks 'so, what's your IQ?'. This time Joe says '75'. The robot asks: 'So are you going to vote for Bush again?'

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