August 25, 2005

John Conyers is the Real President

As my readers know, I usually try to just report things, and refrain from giving my personal opinions. But sometimes I just have to say something. And this is one of those times.

I've been watching the work of Congressman John Conyers, Jr., since November, 2004.

On every single important issue in this country, he is on the side of right, and has been leading the struggle for fairness, and for restoring the rule of law.

If the United States is the sum total of the values expressed in the Declaration of Indendence and the United States Constitution, the historic love of its people for freedom, and their historic legacy of making freedom ring, John Conyers is the de facto President of the United States.

He is certainly the President of my United States.

George W. Bush is not and never will be a legitimate leader of this country, not only because he was never legally elected, but also because he has neither understanding of, nor respect for, the qualities upon which our country is based, and which distinguish it from the powerful dictatorships we helped vanquish in the Second World War. His value system is might over right. Ours is a rule of law that treats all people as equals.

John Kerry, by his November 3, 2004, abandonment of the Ohioans who had fought so hard for democracy, relinquished any claim he had to leadership.

If John Edwards hopes to be the President of the United States, he needs to sit down at the foot of Congressman Conyers, and to first humbly ask this great American to forgive him for failing to come to the aid of his country on November 3rd. Then he needs to ask Congressman Conyers to show him the way home, the way back into the struggle.

And he needs to distance himself immediately from the pandering, self serving, policy of appeasement adopted by almost all the Democratic members of the United States Senate.

America owes a debt of gratitude, so profound that it can never be repaid, to Congressman John Conyers, Jr., a beacon of light in what has been one of our country's very darkest hours.

He is the keeper of the flame.


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