August 24, 2005

Upcoming Legal Events

This post is intended as a resource for those seeking information on upcoming legal events relating to the Ohio election of 2004, especially relating to issues of (a) fraud, (b) disenfranchisment, (c) voter suppression,
(d) recount obstruction, and (e) vote machine tampering.

The "permanent" link to this post is at the bottom and can be ascertained by right-clicking the phrase "Permanent Link to this Post". (But please note that it is not entirely "permanent": each time the post is updated in a new month, the 2-digit number for the month changes, and when it is updated in a new year, the 4-digit number for the year changes as well).

[space left deliberately blank]

If you have information on upcoming hearings, court dates, or other legal events, please send by email to with "oef" as the subject.



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