November 08, 2007

Info re 2004 Warren County Board of Elections Lockdown

Preplanned fake Warren County Board of Elections Lockdown in Ohio, November 2, 2004, during the tabulation of the ballots.

Please put the below article by Erica Solvig of the Cincinnati Enquirer in your Warren County files (assuming you are now going to have one). Study, print it off and share it generously with many, write about it, investigate further, and put it in your list of things you can talk about.

This is part of The Ohio Election Justice Campaign's work to educate the state, the nation, and the world on what happened in Ohio's elections.

This is the link to Warren County's Emergency Services Director Frank Young, mentioned in the article:

There is an Election Educational Program event at the First Unitarian Universalists Church at 93 W. Weisheimer Road this Sunday, 11-11-2007. There will be ongoing training of many people, media, politicians, and law enforcement on many different election stories, and providing these people with the accompanying documents to support the citizens investigation to date. The goal is to have an actual legal investigation and some prosecution of violations of Ohio election laws. Many story tellers will be needed to accomplish educating many people on the real history of Ohio. Please attend.

If you are someone interested in becoming a speaker or writer for The Ohio Election Justice Campaign, please contact us and let us know. Many will be needed. Donations to fund our work are needed also. Information and tax deductible contributions can be made at: and for further information go to

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