November 07, 2007

Memo from Paddy Shaffer

This is very powerful video from the November 2, 2007 Three Year Memorial Anniversary of the Theft of the 2004 Presidential election. The Ohio Election Justice Campaign hosted this mournful event.

The Eulogy and the Funeral Procession to the Franklin County Board of Elections, the Ohio Secretary of State, and the Ohio Attorney General's office buildings are contained within. Here is the link:

Over 350,000 Ohioans did not get to vote in 2004.

Many thanks to Peace General Bruce Duncanson for his documentary photography for this coverage. Thanks and God Bless these patriotic activists, my friends, these members of The Ohio Election Justice Campaign and of the public that joined us November day.

Please share this with others that are interested in restoring the rule of law, and honest elections to the United States, especially the state of Ohio. This is a sad but important part of American history.

"Quarantine that Machine" announced for the first time, a plan to empower the voters of this nation to have any machine that appears to be behaving in a criminal manner during an election (example vote hopping), to be pulled from the election, not chanced or tampered with by poll workers, treated as a piece of a criminal investigation, picked up by law enforcement, not returned to the local county election officials until an investigation of said machine has been done by certified investigators. The voter would be encouraged to file a police report, and to follow up with election integrity groups and report the incident, and get them a copy of the police report. The Ohio Election Justice Campaign is interested in collecting these reports, and would appreciate any group that is given such a report to also submit a report to us.

For more information, and to donate to The Ohio Election Justice Campaign go to:

and further information is available at:

Sincerely Concerned,

Paddy Shaffer
Director, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign
(614) 761-0621

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