November 06, 2012

Message from Jill Stein & Cheri Honkala: Fighting for the Right to Vote #ohio

As Americans by the tens of millions go to the polls tomorrow, will their votes be accurately counted?

Yesterday, Robert Fitrakis took action to protect the voting rights of 4.2 million Ohio voters, and by extension, of all voters. Fitrakis, a Green Party congressional candidate and professor of political science, filed a lawsuit in federal court to stop the last minute reprogramming of voting machines used by 80% of Ohio voters.

Voting_Rights_Rally.pngThat's right. In the final weeks of this election, Ohio Secretary of State Husted authorized the installation of a "software patch" that has never been publicly evaluated. This tampering with Ohio voting machines is a violation of federal law. And it is deeply troubling.

We are proud of the role Bob and other Greens are playing here. He and we are fighting for the right to vote, not just for votes. And that lawsuit will be heard in court first thing tomorrow morning.

Greens have done this before. After all, it was our 2004 presidential nominee, David Cobb, was the one who stood up for voters and filed for the presidential recount in Ohio, an essential step that led to the conviction of Ohio election officials and substantial improvements in election procedure.

We are watching Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, and other states again. And we are acting.

We urge you to join us and many notables in signing the No More Stolen Elections! pledge of action. Sign it right now.

Our campaign strongly supports this voting rights struggle. On Friday, we rallied with Ohioans in front of their state capitol. And today, Jill appeared at the National Press Club in support of the Ohio lawsuit. The press is taking notice: already over 500 media organizations have reported on it.

We ask you to sign the No More Stolen Elections! pledge of action. And of course, it is essential that you not only vote tomorrow, but that you also:
Finally, tonight we are thinking about our many friends and family members throughout the Mid Atlantic states. We urge you to support the independent, democratic relief efforts organized via Occupy -

Thank you, and good luck to all of us tomorrow,
  ~ Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala

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