November 05, 2012

Now threatened: 80% of Ohio votes

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Just minutes ago, Ohio voting rights advocate Bob Fitrakis filed a lawsuit in federal court demanding the removal of secret software recently installed on all ES&S, Inc. voting machines in at least 25 Ohio counties. 

This proprietary software allows vote tabulation numbers to be wirelessly sent to the Ohio Secretary of State's office. Four million Ohio voters - that is 80% - depend on these machines to accurately report their vote. Now, those votes will be initially reported via an easily intercepted wireless transmission.

Together with Free Press and other key advocates, we released the news about the lawsuit at a press conference just now at the National Press Club in D.C.. Fitrakis Skyped-in to the press conference and gave us the latest. He called on everyone, "concerned about our democracy to call the Ohio Secretary of State's office and demand the removal of this suspicious software."

Please do it right now. Call the Ohio Secretary of State's office at 1-877-767-6446

With the clock ticking, every hour brings new reports of serious voting rights violations. We can't wait. We need your financial support and personal pledge so that we are ready to respond.

  1. Sign the  Pledge of Action and forward it to everyone you know.
  2. Donate to our Rapid Response Fund.
  3. Organize a  Voter Assembly in your community for Nov 7th, the day after the election.
  4. Report election irregularities and voter suppression.
You can read some of the early coverage of the lawsuit by clicking here.

Yours for Democracy,

   ~ Sarah Manski
80% of Ohio votes in doubt
Call the Ohio Secretary of State:
Tell them to stop electronic tampering with this election!

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