November 05, 2012

Urgent action notice ~ @freepressorg #ohio



Want to fight voter suppression and vote tampering on Election Day?
Here are some things anyone can do on Election Day:
Document any of these things and let the Free Press know during the day or immediately after the polls close:
1) Do all machines work at the beginning of the day? Were there any problems getting them to work?
2) Did any technicians come in to do any "service" on the machines during the day?
3) Are people being turned away from voting for any reason? Are many people made to vote provisionally for any reason? How many? What are the reasons?
4) Are there any people hanging around wearing suits, not identifying themselves, or challengers intimidating people, challenging their right to vote, or otherwise interfering with voters? Please take photos of them and their automobile license plates.
5) Lists of who voted are posted at 11am and 4pm at polling sites. Do those numbers match the print-out at the end of the night?
6) VERY IMPORTANT: At close of polls, the pollworkers are required to print out and post the results on the outside of the door for the public to view. Document through a photo and/or write down the final polling site results: how many people voted, who they voted for.

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