February 02, 2005

My new web site "Ohio Election 2004"

Just to let you know I've decided to expand my blog by also setting up a rudimentary website
entitled "Ohio Election 2004". The URL is http://ohioelection2004.com.

It will concentrate on evidence, investigation, litigation, and prosecution regarding
the Ohio election of 2004, especially concentrating on issues of fraud, disenfranchisement,
voter suppression, vote machine tampering, and recount obstruction.

It will better enable me to (a) host documents and images, and (b) organize materials
in ways other than chronologically.

There is not much new there yet, as it presently consists mostly of links to my blog, but I'll
be working on it.

I continue to be interested in receiving submissions of : (a) evidence, (b) legal documents,
(c) news of legal events, (d) announcements of upcoming legal events, and (e) serious analysis and commentary which refers to and is
based upon evidence relating to the Ohio election of 2004. These should be emailed to
ohioelectionfraud@mindspring.com or evidence@ohioelection2004.com.


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