February 23, 2005

National Teach-in on 2004 Election, Oakland, CA, February 26th


A National Teach-In

On the 2004 election and what we must do to restore democracy

With Bob Fitrakis

Ohio Attorney, Editor, Columbus Free Press

Saturday, Feb. 26th

10am - 4pm

1st Congregational Church

2501 Harrison St. Oakland

$10 suggested donation

please bring lunch

information: http://www.democraticrenewal.us

How to rig it

11 hour lines for democrats only; "kerry" votes defaulting to "bush";
registered voters purged; exit polls ignored; RECOUNTS THAT WEREN'T, and
much more.

How to stop it

stunning documentary footage, speakers, action

Butch Wing, Rainbow Push; Larry Bensky, KPFA; Walter Riley, East Bay
medea benjamin, code pink. speakers from Blackboxvoting.org,
VotersUnite.org, Open Voting Consortium, mmob

information: http://www.democratic renewal.us

With Lynn Landes, Jonathan Simon, Medea Benjamin, Larry Bensky, Butch Wing, Emily Levy, Jim March (Black BoxVoting), Kathy Dopp (US Count Votes), John Gideon, (VotersUnite!), Bob Kibrick, (VerifiedVoting) and many more!
scroll down for complete program listing

Program Overview:

I. The Arc Of Justice: We've Been Here Before

DVD excerpt: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., "Martyrs of the Civil Rights Movement"

Lynn Landes, journalist, "How America Used to Vote"
John Gideon, VotersUnite!, "Analysis of HAVA Misinformation in the Press"

II. Voter Suppression

DVD excerpt: "Columbus Ohio Election Day Footage", by Linda Byrket, http://www.votecobb.org/video/#video5

Bob Fitrakis, Free Press (Columbus, Ohio), "The Taking of Ohio Prior to Nov. 2"
Emily Levy, Project Coordinator for Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D., "Ohio--How the Election was Stolen"

Warren Stewart, National Ballot Integrity Project, "Recounting New Mexico"

5 Minute Stretch

III. What Happened In 2004: Exit Polls - Were They Right?

DVD excerpt: Susan Truitt, Ohio attorney

Jonathan Simon, Alliance for Democacy, "The Edison/Mitofsky Report: The Bottom Line You Won't Hear on Nightline"

Allyson Washburn, US Countvotes.org, "An Alternative Explanation for the Exit Poll Discrepancy: Fraudulent Vote Tallies"

Larry Bensky, KPFA, "The Disappearing Media"

IV. The Age of the Machines

Jim March, BlackBoxVoting.org, "How to Hack a Diebold Vote Tabulator"
Wayne Madsen, journalist, "The Privatization of the Vote"

Lunch (45 Minutes)

V. Litigation

Paul Lehto, Washington attorney, "Verifying Democracy 101: Sue First, Ask Questions Later"

Bob Fitrakis, Free Press, "History of Moss v. Bush, the Sanctions, Future Legal Actions"

VI. Legislation

Butch Wing, political director, Rainbow PUSH, "Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s Constitutional Amendment Guaranteeing the Right to Vote"

Bob Kibrick, Verifiedvoting.org, "Pending Federal Legislation for Electoral Reform"

Sharon Cornu, Alameda County Central Labor Council, "Organized Labor and Election Reform"

Medea Benjamin, Code Pink, "A Voters' Bill of Rights"

VII. Action

Walter Riley, community activist, "Organize County by County, Precinct by Precinct"

Lynn Landes, journalist, "A Paper Ballot is the Only Solution"

Alan Dechert, Open Voting Consortium, "Open Source Code Machines"

Kathy Dopp and Allyson Washburn, UScountvotes.org, "A Plan to Restore Democratic Elections by 2006"

Open Microphone -- Share proposals and join in citizen action to reclaim electoral democracy

This Teach-In has been organized by the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, http://democraticrenewal.us
and the MMOB (Mainstreet Moms Operation Blue), http://www.themmob.com.

For full program details, click here: http://www.wellstoneclub.org/involve/teachin.htm

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Dan Ashby

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