February 28, 2005

Paul Harmon to Appeal Licking County Case to Ohio Supreme Court

It has been reported by The Advocate that Paul Harmon, independent candidate for Domestic Relations Court Judge in Licking County, will be appealing his election contest case to Ohio's highest court:

"After dismissal, Harmon to take case to Ohio Supreme Court

By Erik Johns

Advocate Reporter

"NEWARK -- A former Licking County judicial candidate said he will take his election-dispute case to the Ohio Supreme Court after it was dismissed by an appeals court Tuesday.

"After nearly four months of legal wrangling over the result of the Nov. 2 election for Licking County Domestic Relations Judge, losing candidate Paul Harmon had his election petition dismissed Tuesday in the Ohio Fifth District Court of Appeals in Canton by a three-judge panel helmed by Judge Sheila Farmer.

"Harmon said he intends to appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court.

"It's the wrong decision," Harmon said. "The court wasn't really interested in the issues. ... Frankly, I don't have any doubt that the election results are uncertain."

For the complete text of the Advocate article go to: http://nl.newsbank.com/nl-search/we/Archives?

Mr. Harmon has also filed criminal charges in connection with the Licking County election, in which he lost to the Republican candidate 14,300 to 14,100, while 18,000 votes went uncounted, and the election officials admitted to having repeatedly misrepresented the number of voting machines, to having left ballots in unsecured locations, and to having opened ballots before they were legally permitted to do so, and in a manner that was not authorized by law. http://fairnessbybeckerman.blogspot.com/2005/02/election-fraud-by-licking-county.html

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