October 18, 2006

Election Day Message from Ray Beckerman

As we approach the critical 2006 election, it is imperative that we
be vigilant. The word is starting to get out about what happened
in 2004, thanks to an outpouring of excellent books, films, and articles.
We need to keep the momentum going, and to keep on learning,
and teaching, and fighting. We owe it to our forefathers who
fought and died for the right to vote,
to those who braved beatings, and dogs, and firehoses, and bombings,
and lynchings, and killings so that their children would have the right
as citizens of the United States to stand up proud and cast their votes.

And if at any time you find your spirits flagging, my personal recommendation
is to go to YouTube or wakeupandsaveyourcountry.com and play what
is now my anthem -- "Get Up On the Bus" -- the rousing commemoration,
by Freedom Bus Rider and rapper extraordinaire "Wil b", of the historic
Freedom Winter Bus Ride of January 2005.

And as election day approaches, a special shout out to
Susan Truitt, who was the first to the ramparts
when the coup d'etat took place, and who never hesitated for a second
to get in there and fight, leading us into battle with
courage, energy, and humor, bringing light into our fight
against the forces of darkness.


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