October 23, 2006

Poll Observer Recruitment Effort in Ohio

Poll Observer Recruitment Effort

Please read this and volunteer if you are not already volunteering on election day.

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Poll Observer Recruitment Effort

The Voter Protection Team and OVEST are recruiting poll observers to work at targeted precincts throughout the state of Ohio . The poll observers will monitor their precincts while the polls are open and after they close and will report any concerns or problems to the OVEST Election Day Command Center using the communication structure established by the Voter Protection Team.

On November 7, 2006 , the recruited poll observers will monitor their precinct from 5:00 PM until the votes are tabulated and the poll workers leave the site. If any individual poll observer is available to begin his or her shift earlier than 5:00 PM they are strongly encouraged to do so.

The poll observers will also ensure that the Presiding Judge of the precinct has delivered the voting machine cartridges to the county Board of Elections office after the polls have closed and the poll workers have tabulated the votes. The poll observer should follow the Presiding Judge of the precinct to make sure that the voting machine cartridges make it safely and securely from the polling location to the BOE.

The Voter Protection Coordinators for the Ohio Democratic Party are establishing a network of recruiters. Each recruiter will, in turn, be responsible for establishing a broader network of volunteers to work within established target groups and organizations to engage volunteers as poll observers. The volunteer poll observers’ contact information will be channeled back to the Voter Protection Coordinators to determine the staffing of each targeted precinct and set training schedules.

Poll observers will be trained and given a manual that will help them answer any questions and advise them of both problems they should anticipate and an appropriate response to such problems. They also will be provided the contact information necessary to report any problems they encounter. The Voter Protection Coordinators will be leading the training effort in coordination with OVEST using in person training sessions, conference calls, and email. The length of each training session has not yet been finalized but should not exceed 2-3 hours.

Please send your information to Brian Green at brian.green@ohiodems.org or call at 614-207-2088.

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