November 02, 2012

Action memo from No More Stolen Elections

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This news today:
  • State officials in Texas and Iowa threatened to arrest UN election observers.
  • The Romney campaign is sending out 34,000 volunteers in swing states on Election Day with smartphone technology to instantly flag "voter fraud" activity for their attorneys.
  • The Obama campaign has its own teams monitoring polling locations.
  • The Republican National Committee issued a call for the recalibration of electronic voting machines in six states on Election Day.
Here's the question. Who can be absolutely counted on to protect the voting rights of American citizens. Republican election officials? The Romney campaign? The Obama campaign? The Republican party? The United Nations?

The answer is: You. The voter. 

If you see a voting rights violation, report it immediately at

Our special software gives the public real time information allows us to rapidly respond to problems and write a post-election report. No More Stolen Elections! is not the only effort watchdogging the election. But we are an independent, non-partisan campaign that relies on you to file your  reports to make the difference.

Here is the other part of the picture. It is vital that people everywhere organize and plan on attending Voter Assemblies in their communities on the day after the election (that's next Wednesday).

Voter Assemblies empower voters to speak out against unjust election practices and to push forward with election reforms that end election fraud - both structural and blatant.

Voter Assemblies allow people to sidestep the mainstream media's blackout on election integrity issues and connect with others in our communities who share the same concerns about free and equal elections. 

We will help you do it, just send us an email or join our nationwide conference call this Sunday, November 4, 2012 - 3:00pm PT / 6:00pm ET

On the call you'll learn about what you can do to protect against election fraud on November 6, 2012, and how to organize a Voter Assembly in your community.

With the clock ticking, every hour brings new reports of serious voting rights violations. We can't wait. Act now.

  1. Sign the  Pledge of Action and forward it to everyone you know.
  2. Donate to our Rapid Response Fund.
  3. Organize a  Voter Assembly in your community for Nov 7th, the day after the election.
  4. Report election irregularities and voter suppression.
Yours for Democracy,

   ~ Adam, Jolie and Sarah for No More Stolen Elections!
Report an Election Violation
Report all election violations and share with everyone you know.

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