July 11, 2005

Battle in Hocking County over Sneak Meeting by Board of Elections

88 South Market Street

Logan, Ohio

11:00 am.

Progressive Ohio Backbone Campaign
members will travel to Hocking County this morning to be part of complaints being filed by Hocking County Democrats against the Hocking County Board of Elections (BOE) and it's director Lisa Schwartze.

A complaint against the entire board relates to the board calling today's meeting without adequate public notification. Legal matters are the topic of today's hastily called meeting.

Last Tuesday, at a public BOE meeting, Progressive Ohio Backbone Campaign members and others from the Columbus area, witnessed the director of the BOE admit she used the BOE office for Republican Party fund-raising.

Three of these witnesses intend to join Hocking Democrats today to file affidavits with county prosecutor Larry Beal regarding complaints against BOE Director Lisa Schwartze.

In addition, the witnesses intend to take part in complaints being filed against Schwartze with the Ohio Secretary of State and federal officials.

Progressive Ohio Backbone Campaign member Ed Sisson will accompany the witnesses to document proceedings. However, all are encouraged to bring recorders and cameras, etc.

For further information contact

Clifford Arnebeck - Alliance for Democracy - (614) 224-8771

Alex Rodriguez - Ohio Honest Elections Campaign (917) 697-7922

Susan Truitt - Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections (614) 224-6734

Bob Fitrakis - Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism (614) 224-6593

Harvey Wasserman - Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism (614) 224-8021

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