July 06, 2005

Logan Daily News: Hocking Board Barred From Replacing Eaton

Hocking board barred from replacing Eaton
Director questioned on campaigning

Jeremy Hauck

of The Logan Daily News

LOGAN — On Tuesday, a crowd of about two dozen spectators applauded when Columbus attorney Clifford Arnebeck handed Hocking County Board of Elections chairman Gerald Robinette a court order, signed by Hocking County Court of Common Pleas Judge Thomas Gerken, not to take any action to replace fired deputy director Sherole Eaton.

And Robinette's conflicting stances on whether director Lisa Schwartze used Board of Elections business hours to conduct the 2004 general election campaign for the Republican Party first drew gasps of outrage, and then derisive laughter, from members of the audience.

The storm didn't end there.

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