July 15, 2005

'Criminal Complaint Filed in Hocking Co Against BOE Director Lisa Schwartze for Shredding Up To 10,000 Registration Documents' -Columbus Free Press

According to a report in the Columbus Free Press, a criminal complaint has been filed in Hocking County against Lisa Schwartze, the Director of the Hocking County Board of Elections, over her alleged shredding of up to 10,000 registration documents:

"Ten Thousand Voter Registration Documents May Have Been Shredded in Hocking County, Ohio

"July 13, 2005

"Members of the Progressive Ohio Backbone Campaign ... on Monday morning, July 11, ... filed criminal charges with the Hocking County Sheriff’s Department against the county’s Board of Elections (BOE) Director Lisa Schwartze.

".... The charges filed against Schwartze.... pertain to her alleged illegal shredding of election documents, the Free Press has learned.

"Sherole Eaton, the fired Hocking County BOE deputy director and Congressional whistleblower, who swore an affidavit against a Triad company technician for allegedly offering a cheat sheet and replacing the county’s central voting tabulator hard drive during last year’s presidential recount, says that Schwartze may have destroyed up to “ten thousand documents.”

"“I told her that she couldn’t shred and delete the changes of addresses that were coming in from registered voters during the election year, but she wouldn’t listen to me,” Eaton explained, “In order for Lisa to destroy those documents, she’s got to go to the Board of Elections, state officials, and then ask the Ohio Historical Society if they want them. And even then, she can only destroy them according to a public records retention schedule that requires they are kept for four years.”

"Eaton says that all investigators would have to do is ask Schwartze for hard copies of the change of address forms to verify her allegations.

For the complete text of the article go to http://www.freepress.org/columns/display/3/2005/1164

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