July 07, 2005

Brad Blog - A - Thon July 8th - 11th

From Friday, July 8th, to July 11th, the Brad Blog will host an online Brad Blog-A-Thon.

Kat L'Estrange, outstanding election rights activist, is working with the show, and guests will include David Cobb, Bob Fitrakis, Bernie Ellis, Clint Curtis, Robert Koehler, and others with lots of insight to share on the stolen 2004 election.

It's at www.BradBlog.com

Programming relating to the 2004 election will include:

-Saturday, July 9th

11 AM - 1 PM EDT David Cobb

-Sunday, July 10th

11 AM - 1 PM EDT Robert Koehler

1 PM - 3 PM EDT Bob Fitrakis

5 PM - 7 PM EDT Clint Curtis

Bernie Ellis date & time TBD.


First Annual Brad Blog Blogathon and Fundraiser to Occur This Coming Friday Through Monday at The Brad Blog (www.BradBlog.com)

Los Angeles, CA -- July 7, 2005 – A unique effort to combine fundraising with special guest blogging by some of the bright lights in the progressive movement will take place on the popular Brad Blog, website of investigative blogger Brad Friedman. The event will begin this Friday at 3:00 PM PDT and is scheduled to continue until the following Monday at 6:00 PM PDT. Guest bloggers will include recent Green Party Presidential candidate David Cobb; national award-winning journalist and Tribune Media Services editor Robert Koehler; whistleblower for the alleged Tom Feeney/Yang Enterprises, Inc. Vote-Rigging Scandal, Clint Curtis; and attorney, author and voting rights activist Bob Fitrakis, to name just a few of the notables who have agreed to volunteer their time and efforts to promote this novel idea. At designated times, most of these guest bloggers will be available “live” on-line at the site to respond directly to reader questions and comments.

The event was conceived and planned and will be produced on BradBlog.com by a number of fans of the the blogsite. While many blogs allow readers and guests to post their pieces and commentaries on the site, it is rather unprecedented for a blogger to turn over his entire blogsite to a group of his readers, at their request, to run an event of this fashion. The event will also attempt to provide a forum to advance issues and concerns of the progressive community that, they feel, are not being covered by the corporate owned, mainstream media, even when these issues would seem to be of critical importance in promoting an informed democracy.

While most blogsites solicit donations and advertising, very few, if any, have major corporate sponsorship, and many reject the potential compromises that might accompany such sponsorships. This can make it an ongoing struggle for bloggers to make ends meet, while trying to do the job that they feel the well-financed mainstream media is failing to do. Mr. Friedman also hosts the Brad Show on Raw Radio and is a co-founder of VelvetRevolution.us, an umbrella group designed to coordinate the actions of progressive organizations. These projects are also currently primarily reader and listener supported. It is the hope of the planners of this event that reader organized efforts of this nature will serve as a model for other progressive blogsites to raise funds and thereby help maintain the kind of independent and alternative voices that blog readers perceive as a counter to the Corporate Media.

A downloadable flyer for this event is available at: http://www.bradblog.com/Docs/BradBlogathon2005.doc (MS-Word Version) or
http://users.tm.net/vis/bradblogathon2005.html (JPEG Version)

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