July 06, 2005

Statement by Cliff Arnebeck regarding Hocking County litigation

Statement by Clifford Arnebeck:

Sherole Eaton is one of the true heroes of the 2004 election. She blew the whistle on election corruption during the recount in Ohio.

As a direct consequence the County Board of Elections proceeded to fire her from her job. This is now the focus of national and international observers of the current state of the American election system.

We filed in Common Pleas Court to protect Eaton from further efforts to undermine and intimidate her. We must protect such courageous witnesses from harm.

The court issued an injunction against the Board in replacing Eaton, as they planned to do at today's board meeting.

The implication of the suit is that Sherole will be restored to her position as the matter progresses further.

Any person who successfully enforces the Ohio Open Meetings Act is entitled to legal fees and costs to be assessed against the public body that violates the law.

-Clifford Arnebeck

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