January 04, 2005

Action Memo from Harris Schiff

Call Any or all of the following senators at the Capitol Switchboard - 1-202-224-3121 or 1-800-839-5276. Real People are answering phones (Kennedy, Boxer, for example). They are counting your calls.

Ask them to join Representative John Conyers in his Request to Contest the Ohio Presidential Electors. HE ONLY NEEDS ONE SENATOR!!!! Particularly call Senators from California, West Virginia, Minnesota, Iowa, Vermont, Massachusetts, Michigan, Maryland, Illinois, New York, or Maine, as those state have senators who may be more inclined to join Conyers than most. It does not matter if you are a resident of those states. This is about a national issue. Call as many as you can! If there is no challenge you will have the rest of your life to relax, watch television and live under a totalitarian government where no actual voting is ever again permitted.

The Most important Senators to Contact:

Senator Barbara Boxer - CA

Senator Robert Byrd, W. VA

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, MA

Senator James Jeffords - VT

Senator Barack Obama, IL

Senator Olympia Snowe, ME

Senator Patrick Leahy - VT

Senator Barbara Mikulski, MD

Senator Tom Harkin - IA

Senator Christopher Dodd - CT

Senator Daniel Inouye, HI

Senator Debbie Stabenow - MI

Senator Joseph Biden, DE

Senator Ken Salazar - CO

Senator Bill Nelson, FL

Senator Blanche Lincoln, AR

Senator Byron Dorgan, ND

Senator Carl Levin MI

Senator Charles Schumer - NY

Senator Chuck Grassley, IA

Senator Daniel Akaka, HI

Senator Dianne Feinstein, CA

Senator Evan Bayh, IN

Senator Frank Lautenberg - NJ

Senator Herb Kohl, WI

Senator Hillary Clinton - NY

Senator Jeff Bingaman, NM

Senator John Rockefeller, W. VA

Senator Jon Corzine - NJ

Senator Kent Conrad, ND

Senator Maria Cantwell, WA

Senator Mark Pryor, AR

Senator Mary Landrieu, LA

Senator Patty Murray, WA

Senator Paul Sarbanes, MD

Senator Richard Durbin, IL

Senator Ron Wyden, OR

Senator Russell Feingold, WI

Senator Susan Collins, ME

Senator Thomas Carper, DE

Senator John Kerry, MA

Senator Pete Domenici, NM

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