January 03, 2005

Action Memo from Truth In Voting (OREGON)

riends of democracy and Truth in Voting,

The final push is on to tell Senator Wyden that we won't stand for dishonest elections!


As you know from previous emails, we have started a vigil of Senator Wyden’s
office to convince him to step forward on January 6th (this Thursday) and reject
the certification of the electoral college on the floor of Congress. There are
already plans by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) to step forward and challenge the
same. He will certainly be joined by other brave Representatives, but, as yet,
no Senator has pledged to step forward. There is hope still to encourage our own
Sen. Wyden to be one of the Senators that step forward. (We hope he won’t be
alone this time!). How can you accomplish this?

1) The most effective way:
Come in person to his Eugene office and join our vigil! If you don’t have any of
the three key days off: Monday Jan. 3rd through Wednesday the 5th, then, by all
means, come during your lunch hour and show solidarity with those that are
there. Visit any or all three days if you can.
Office address: 151 West 7th (parking on Charnelton just to the West of the
Office hours: M-F 8:30 am to 5 pm

2) Second best:
Call Sen. Wyden’s office to express your grave concerns about the validity of
the Presidential election and ask the senator to join Rep. Conyers in his vote
against certifying the electoral college vote.

Washington, D.C. office: 202- 224-5244
(if you need to call from home before the Eugene office opens at 8:30 am PST)
Eugene office: 541-431-0229

Lobby the local news media to cover this issue and the vigil of Sen. Wyden’s office!
Let them know you are very concerned about the validity of the Nov. 2nd
Presidential election, especially in key swing states like Ohio and Florida.

2 basic questions for the media:
Have you covered these concerns of voting irregularities and the potential of
vote fraud in the national election? If not, why not?
Will you cover the local efforts of Truth In Voting to bring awareness of this
issue and specifically the vigil in Senator Wyden’s office?

All of the News Departments listed for phone calls below have received emails
with the latest Press Release on the vigil. You can pass along the information
to them by referring to this web page:
(the link is also listed on the left side of the home page)

Phone numbers to call:

Eugene Register-Guard:

KEZI-9 News: 541-485-5394

KVAL-TV: 541-342-4961; ask for the news department

KMTR-TV News Department: 541-741-2097

KLCC radio News Department: 541-463-6022

KPNW radio: 541-485-1120, ask for News Department

For talking points for your lobby calls (media or Sen. Wyden), you may want to
print out this email and this page from the web site:

For more information, contact: Doe Tabor (vigil organizer)
via cell phone: 912-5485 / Via email: vigil@truthinvoting.org

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