January 04, 2005

"More Election Crimes Surface in Ohio" - Executive Intelligence Review

From an article appearing online in "Executive Intelligence Review" :

This documentation appears in the January 7, 2005 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

More Election Crimes Surface In Ohio

by Edward Spannaus

Evidence of a criminal conspiracy to prevent legitimate votes from being cast, and counted, continues to mount in the state of Ohio. Ohio will be the primary focus of the anticipated challenge to Electors when the Congress meets in Joint Session on Jan. 6, but questions may be raised about other states as well.

In a radio interview Dec. 28, former Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche said that "I couldn't say that Kerry didn't win the election. I have many indications that the margins of votes attributed to a Bush victory, didn't happen."

"We have a lot of people who are eligible for imprisonment," LaRouche continued, "because there was a massive campaign of voter suppression. Voter suppression, under the U.S. law, under the Voting Rights Act, is a crime ... and there were a lot of people who were caught doing just that. And there's a possibility of their being convicted for doing that, including possibly the Secretary of State of the state of Ohio."

Rigging the Recount

The conduct of the "recount" which was just completed in Ohio, compounded the criminality which has pervaded the entire election process, which began with efforts by Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, and Republican operatives, to hamper and prevent voter registrations, then spreading disinformation to minority voters to prevent them from showing up at the right polling place, and then the massive shorting of voting machines in predominantly-minority areas, causing impossibly long waits in line, so that thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of voters were disenfranchised on Election Day.

Furthermore, over 100,000 votes remain uncounted. These included over 92,000 machine-rejected punch-card ballots, many of which were rejected because of "over-votes," that is, with votes registered for both Bush and Kerry. Affidavits have been submitted from voters in Cleveland, that ballot cards were already pre-punched for Bush when they were given out to the voters; an effort to punch the card for Kerry would thus invalidate the entire ballot.


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