January 11, 2005

"Exit Poll Data Does Not Match Pre-Election Polls" : Analysis by Tim Lohrentz

"Exit Poll Data Does Not Match Pre-Election Polls", Analysis by Mathematician Tim Lohrentz.

"The national exit poll data was adjusted during the early morning hours of November 3. This report reveals many inconsistencies in this adjustment, including a weighting process that leaves impossible results, such as 104% turnout of the Bush 2000 voters."

"It is now well known that the final exit polls from the November 2 Presidential contest between George W. Bush and John Kerry were adjusted (weighted) once actual vote tallies arrived in order to match the reported vote. This paper will first demonstrate that the weighting process was invalid. In other words, it is mathematically impossible to match the exit polls to the reported results of the popular vote. Then this paper will compare exit poll results to pre-election poll trends over the last month leading up to the election and then provide some other clues regarding which states may have fraudulent results. "


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