January 03, 2005

"Talking Points" from "thedeanpeople"

Talking Points from thedeanpeople are now available at

This talking points document has been compiled from the resource material available at http://proveyouhavethepower.org.

Note: The talking points at http://jan6points.org are a work in progress. To get the "latest and greatest,” check for updates the mornings of Jan 4th and 5th .

Please join the following Yahoo group to post arguments that you have found effective, and any feedback, questions, or suggestions that others may find helpful (or that others can help with). As they the saying goes, "All of us are smarter than any of us." The January 6th lobbying effort is an uphill battle so we need whatever help we can get from, or give to each other!


Contact information:

Patty Keeshan



908 247 0348 (Cell phone Jan 3rd to 7th)

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