January 10, 2005

The future of this blog

As you all know by now, the battle for American democracy was lost on January 6th. Despite a mountain of irrefutable evidence of intentional 'irregularity', the votes of the pretending Ohio electors were accepted that day by the Congress of the United States, thus completing the coup d'etat that had been started by 5 members of the United States Supreme Court in 2000.

Only 1 Senator, and only 31 Members of the House of Representatives, honored their oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

What I have decided to do at this point in time
is continue the blog insofar as it relates to the Ohio election
fraud of 2004, which for me means marshalling and collecting evidence,
and reporting things relating to evidence, investigation, litigation,
and prosecution of the Ohio election abuses.

If the guilty are brought to justice, it will indicate that democracy still smolders in our legal system.

If they are not, it will indicate that democracy in America remains alive only in the hearts of its people.


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