November 25, 2004

Black Box T Party Sat. Nov. 27th New York City

Who: New Yorkers concerned about fair and accurate
> elections
> What: Black Box T Party
> Where: Times Square, south side of island at 44th
> between Broadway and 7th Ave.
> When: Saturday, November 27 at 1:00 (I'd like
> volunteers to start arriving around 12:30 to make sure
> we're set up).
If you are concerned about the issue of voting
> irregularities and the flaws in the current system, I
> will be coordinating a rally (with in
> Times Square this Saturday, 11/27, at 1:00 p.m. The
> goal is to raise visibility in the media about the
> voting irregularities, suppression and fraud. The
> theme is Black Box T-Party, (view this invitation:
> ), but we're going to skip the body of water and just
> throw our black boxes in the trash.
> I need people to be there to hold boxes and signs, and
> hand out flyers.
> I need someone to help me design the flyers.
> I need people to help make signs (maybe at my place on
> Friday).

I would appreciate help with the PR as well.
> This needs to be PEACEFUL, we want to raise awareness,
> not get ourselves arrested. There's already enough
> dismissal from the media referring to anyone who
> questions the "smoothness" or "success" of the
> election as "conspiracy theorists" or "tin-foil hat
> crazies". Let's not contribute to that spin. Instead,
> let's show them we're intelligent citizens serious
> about our democracy, and that this is a very real
> issue.
> Please RSVP to me if you are interested, and
> specifically what you are able to do to help.
> I need a rough idea of number of participants to
> expect.
> If you're able to help out or attend, please either
> e-mail me or call me: or (646)
> 369-0492.

(There is some possibility I might do this again next week on the 4th. Let me know if you would be interested in that, especially if you can't make this one).

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