November 27, 2004

News Release from Green Party


For immediate release: November 26, 2004
Contact: Blair Bobier, Media Director


Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb's demand
for a recount of the Ohio presidential vote will gain
a significant boost this Sunday, when Jesse Jackson
visits Columbus, Ohio to publicly announce his support
for the recount and other challenges to the
controversial Ohio vote.

Jackson will be speaking on Sunday at the Mt. Herman
Baptist Church, 2283 Sunbury Rd., at 3:30 p.m., in

"Voter suppression and intimidation is a civil rights
issue. Jesse Jackson is the perfect person to bring
these concerns to a wider audience and we welcome his
participation," said David Cobb, whose campaign has
been leading the charge for the Ohio recount. Cobb
has been joined in the recount demand by Libertarian
candidate Michael Badnarik.

"We need to investigate, coordinate, litigate, recount
and recuse," said Jackson, referring to the recount
and other efforts and lawsuits challenging the
legitimacy of the Ohio vote.

Jackson's recusal reference indicated his support for
Cobb and Badnarik's demand that Ohio Secretary of
State Kenneth Blackwell, a co-chair of the Bush
campaign, recuse himself from the vote-counting

"You don't have an owner of a team be the umpire of
the seventh game of the World Series," Jackson said.

Jackson joins Ohio Congressman and former presidential
candidate Dennis Kucinich and a growing list of
individuals and organizations calling for a recount.

The Cobb-LaMarche campaign is now in the process of
recruiting volunteers and raising funds for monitoring
the actual recount process which is expected to take
place in early December. Volunteers and donors should
visit the campaign website,,
for more information.




Dear Friends,

The Ohio Recount is moving forward!

Here are updates on:

1. Volunteering opportunities
2. Our financial situation
3. A timetable of what's to come and what's already


1. Mobilizing Thousands of Volunteers

We'll be mobilizing thousands of volunteers
in December to observe the hand recount
in all 88 counties in Ohio. A recount without
Cobb-Badnarik volunteer observers providing
truly independent oversight of the process
will not provide meaningful feedback on the
problems or do much to improve public
confidence in the integrity of the voting
system. Please join us by completing our
volunteer form at

2. Giving Thanks for Democracy

Thanks to the generosity of thousands of
small donors coast-to-coast, the
Green Party's Cobb/LaMarche campaign
has already raised $250,000 toward the
costs of the recount. $113,600 has gone
out the door already to pay the State of
Ohio's recount filing fee.

We have been raising the money in phases,
since we didn't want to raise more until we
were certain the minimum needed was
raised. Now that we have completed our
grassroots operation planning, we estimate
that the recount will cost an additional
$88,000 for training and staffing costs
(approximately $1000 needed in each of
the 88 Ohio counties).

If you value democracy, and the attention
that this recount will bring to the many ways
that voting processes need to be improved
in this country, then please make a donation
today by going to

3. Ohio Recount Timeline

To keep you in the loop, here are past and
future dates related to the recount process:

11/10 Green Party Presidential candidate
David Cobb announces on KPFK
radio that he and Michael Badnarik
of the Libertarian Party are considering
filing for a recount in Ohio. Hundreds
of emails pour in, encouraging the
Green Party to take a stand.

11/11 The Cobb/LaMarche campaign
confirms their intention to file for a
recount in a public statement and
press release, and requests
donations to pay for the effort.

11/15 Common Cause, the National Voting
Rights Institute, Demos, the Fannie
Lou Hamer Project and People for the
American Way Foundation issue a
joint statement in support of the
Cobb-Badnarik demand for an
Ohio recount.

11/15 The Cobb/LaMarche campaign meets
initial fundraising goal of $150,000
(including the $113,600 recount fee
needed to file).

11/17 Attorneys on behalf of David Cobb
and Michael Badnarik deliver letters to
each Ohio county election director,
asking them to prepare for the recount.

11/18 Congressman Dennis Kucinich
publicly endorses recount efforts.

11/19 Cobb-Badnarik representatives
deliver bond to guarantee $113,600
recount fee to each of the 88 Ohio
county election directors.

11/20 Two Cobb/LaMarche campaign staff
relocate to Columbus, Ohio to work
with volunteers on the ground.

11/21 Cobb/LaMarche team meets second
fundraising goal, reaching $250,000
in eleven days.

11/21 Cobb-Badnarik lawyers file a request
for an expedited recount in federal
district court in Toledo, Ohio, so that
a "meaningful recount" can take place
prior to the December 7th "safe harbor"
certification and December 13th
meeting of Ohio presidential electors

11/22 The Delaware County, Ohio Board of
Elections seeks a temporary restraining
order to block Green and Libertarian
presidential candidates from forcing a
recount of the Nov. 2 election results
prior to December 1st. Their request
is granted by the judge.

11/22 Federal district court judge denies
Cobb-Badnarik request to expedite
recount, saying that Cobb and Badnarik
do not face "irreparable harm" if the
recount doesn't take place until after
the December 7 date to certify
presidential electors, since they will
not have any electors anyway.

11/24 Over 1,000 volunteers have already
signed up to help on website at but many
more still needed.

11/28 The Reverend Jesse Jackson to hold
rally in support of recount and other
efforts to investigate and litigate voting
irregularities in Ohio.

12/01 Date by which most Ohio counties will
have certified their initial vote totals.

12/04 Citizen electoral reform groups organize
a rally to "Investigate all 88."

12/06 Date that Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth
Blackwell currently (as of 11/25) says he
will finally certify the vote. Then, as
in Ohio Election law procedures, Cobb and
Badnarik will formally request a recount
and Secretary Blackwell will notify other
candidates of their right to have observers
at the recount. Under law, other candidates

must have 5 days of notice before the
recount can start.

12/07 The "safe harbor" date by which presidential
electors in all 50 states must be
conclusively determined.

12/11 Earliest possible start date for the Ohio
recount, based on recent judicial ruling and

Blackwell's current timeline for
certification of the state vote.

12/13 Date by which, pursuant to Constitutional
mandates, Electoral College electors must
meet to cast their votes. This applies to
Ohio and all other states.

Again, we thank you sincerely for your interest
and participation in the Ohio Recount. With your
help, democracy will be served.

Please be sure to volunteer, donate, and circulate
this email to your friends and family!


Lynne Serpe
Campaign Manager
Cobb/LaMarche Ohio Recount
P.O. Box 693
Eureka, CA 95502

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