November 26, 2004

Notice regarding rules for December 4th Columbus Protest Rally

Metal poles, wooden sticks and plastic pipes that are more than
1/2" in diameter are not permitted on the Statehouse grounds even as
simple sign supports. If you bring signs or banners they must either be
hand-held or supported on cardboard tubes or on PVC frames made from
piping less than 1/2 inch in diameter.
State Troopers will approach you and order you to discard any metal
pipes or wooden stakes. This is a rule they are very diligent about
enforcing. Please comply with this rule so as to avoid any unnecessary
interaction with law enforcement officials.
If gathering on the sidewalks please be sure to keep an aisle open
for through foot traffic and under no circumstances step in to the
street unless permitted to do so by police officers.
No civil disobedience is planned for this event.

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