November 27, 2004

Protest to Demand Recount, Delaware, OH, Mon. Nov. 29thth, 11:00 a.m.

For Immediate Release

Contact: Paddy Shaffer ( 761-0621)


What: Peaceful, Patriotic Protest - Demanding a Vote Recount inDelaware County.

Where: Delaware County Courthouse, 91 North Sandusky Street, Delaware, Ohio USA 43015-1703

Directions: From Columbus, go north on State Route 23. Get off onSandusky Street exit and go north into town. It is approx. 1½milesdown the road. You will pass Rt. 36 and Rt. 37. It will be in theblock following Rt. 37.

When: Monday November 29th 2004 at 11:00 a.m.

What to bring: Appropriate clothing to be outside for awhile, signs,bullhorns for sound amplification, drums, and whatever else you feelwill help you express your feelings.

Why: Paddy Shaffer: "It is time for Delaware County to begin to recount the results of the November 2004 election. They do not plan to do it. We need to demand that the recount happens, and soon in Delaware County. If our vote in Delaware is not recounted, other counties are looking to stop the recount also. The election results could still change. Here is the story… Federal Judge James G. Carr in Toledo ruled that Ohio law gives the candidates the right to a recount, but the judge says it can wait. Delaware County Common Pleas Judge W. Duncan Whitney granted a temporary restraining order on Nov. 23, 2004 to block a recount to the Nov. 2, 2004 presidential election. They are seekingto make this a permanent restraining order. If they succeed, we will be prevented from knowing what the true vote is and what reallyhappened on election day. Official results of the election are to be certified by Dec. 6,2004. Electors for the Electoral College are to be certified by Dec.7. The recount needs to begin NOW, so it is finished on time. Thepermanent restraining order Delaware County seeks will prevent arecount from ever happening for the 2004 election, even if the stateorders it because the final count is close. The Delaware County Board of Elections is using CountyProsecutor David Yost as their legal advisor. He was quoted in theColumbus Dispatch saying, "to ask taxpayers to fund someone's political hobbyhorse when there is no possible chance of a different outcome seems to be an utter waste. There are better uses for that money in Delaware County and, I suspect, in other places around the state". He didn't know what it would cost, but said it would be substantial. To understand what happened in the Florida 2000 election, I recommend the movie titled "Unprecedented". To movequickly on the election results is very important. If the Florida votes had been counted quicker, Gore just might be our president today. The Bush Administration has requested that the UkrainianGovernment not certify the results of their very recent disputed presidential election. They are asking that they wait until athorough investigation of broad irregularities and voter suppressionis resolved and the true count determined. Don't we deserve the same respect for the integrity of our vote in Ohio (and some of the other states also) that the United States is demanding of Ukraine. Two Public Hearings were held in Franklin County onNov. 13 and 15 on the widespread voter suppression and vote irregularities in Ohio. Over 500 attended, and sworn affidavits were taken by approximately 200 concerned voters. Stories are still being collected on the problems of the Nov. 2 election. Check out this site for more information on the Public Hearings… Questions to Ask: 1. If David Yost is so confident of their procedures, why doesn't he want it verified? Particularly when it is such a close election,with the whole world watching – we deserve better.2. "Political Hobbyhorse". This comment is insulting to thousands ofOhioans that are concerned with and acting to protect our democratic elections.3. David Yost thinks there are better uses for the money than a recount. What could be a better use of the money than to get the results counted and made public of who, and for what, the people ofDelaware voted . Maybe these results won't change, but what if they do? If they claim poverty, what would they do if the state had an automatic recount, which we are very close to? So besides thecandidates asking for the recount, when the certified results are turned in, we may be close enough for an automatic recount by thestate. If Delaware County gets the permanent injunction, they will not recount whether the candidate or the state wants it.The Libertarian and Green Parties paid the amount of $113,600.00 for the recount. The Democratic Party and many other voting rights organizations endorsed this. This is the amount required for a recount. Yost should follow through and do what is required of his county, Delaware County. The Delaware County Board of Elections should be working in a nonpartisan manner. Does Delaware County have something to hide? If not, why do they fear the recount? Lets have Delaware County come clean on the Election so we don't become the laughing stock of the nation, like Florida did in the 2000 election. Does Delaware County want to be the brunt of Letterman and Leno's jokes for years to come? A recount is a good idea in an election with problems, and that is what has happened with this 2004 Presidential Election. What else can you do? Letters to the Editor, to Congress, to the Senate, contact the media, talk to neighbors, talk to and write your elected officials. Get Delaware to count the votes NOW! Donate to to help with the election audit. Share the below sites with others. Invite others to join us Monday. Spread the word. The election issues need resolved NOW, not in four years. If you have questions contact Paddy Shaffer at or at (614) 761-0621. "

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