November 25, 2004

Caravan from Bay Area, California, to Our Fellow Americans in Columbus, Ohio - Departing Dec. 1st.

Caravan for the Real Count

November 2, 2004: The most important election of our lifetime.

December 1 - 13, 2004: An opportunity to join in challenging the results.

The Goal: To fill the Black Box Van with people bound for Ohio to be recount observers. If the van fills up, more vans and cars can join the Caravan for the Real Count as we cross 7 states. Or fly to Ohio and we'll get somebody to meet you at the airport. We have arranged for everyone to stay in homes with Ohio residents who support the recount.

Why leave December 1? We want to join the "Re-vote Ohio or Death of Democracy" rally on December 4 in Columbus. The formal recount will start on December 6 and will go on until Ohio certifies the electors on December 13. Length of stay optional.

Interested? Contact or

Can't go? DONATE !!! Send any amount by check payable to: E. L. Roberson, c/o P O Box 655, Cotati CA 94931-0655. Or Frequent Flyer Miles to If we don't go, we'll refund your contribution.

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