November 29, 2004

Notice from "We Do Not Concede" Coalition about December 4th actions

It's a busy time as plans to mobilize people to Ohio for rallies and recounts are being finalized! Thank you for continuing to organize in your communities to help get the word out about concerns with election fraud and disenfranchisement of minority voters in Election 2004.
For those of you traveling to the December 4 rally in Columbus, Ohio, please take the time to read the cautionary notes below. Check out the website ( ) for a list of additional actions you can take that will make a difference.
For those of you not traveling to Ohio, we urge you to organize events at your statehouses on December 4 in support of a FAIR VOTE that will help raise awareness of our concerns nationwide.
Keep in touch.
Kat L'Estrange
Ohio Recount Timeline
11/28 The Reverend Jesse Jackson to hold rally in support of recount and other efforts to investigate and litigate voting
irregularities in Ohio.

12/01 Date by which most Ohio counties will have certified their initial vote totals.

12/04 Citizen electoral reform groups organize a rally to "Investigate all 88." (see below)

12/06 Date that Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell currently (as of 11/25) says he will finally certify the vote. Then, as detailed
in Ohio Election law procedures, Cobb and Badnarik will formally request a recount and Secretary Blackwell will notify other
candidates of their right to have observers at the recount. Under law, other candidates must have 5 days of notice before the
recount can start.

12/07 The "safe harbor" date by which presidential electors in all 50 states must be conclusively determined.

12/11 Earliest possible start date for the Ohio recount, based on recent judicial ruling and Blackwell's current timeline for
certification of the state vote.

12/13 Date by which, pursuant to Constitutional mandates, Electoral College electors must meet to cast their votes. This applies to
Ohio and all other states.
(Lynne Serpe, Campaign Manager, Cobb/LaMarch Ohio Recount)

Fight for Democracy Rally

Saturday, December 4, 2004
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Ohio Statehouse
Featured Speaker-Journalist Greg Palast

Thousands of Ohio citizens had difficulty voting on
November 2nd.

Despite thousands of complaints, a planned recount,
statewide public hearings,
several lawsuits, a Congressional investigation and the outcry of voters rights groups, this fact has been dismissed or underreported by the mainstream media. Even Secretary of State, Kenneth Blackwell, indicated the Ohio election was a huge success, saying, "We came through with flying colors."
Washington Times, 11/04/04

We need thousands of people to attend our
"Fight for Democracy Rally"
to draw attention to voter issues AND to
support the Congressional probe of allegations of irregularities in the November 2nd presidential vote.

Please plan to attend and bring your friends!

America's election system is badly flawed. So flawed, that a Cal Tech/MIT study of the 2000 Election discovered that as many as one in 18 citizens was disenfranchised due to procedural and/or technological anomalies. The 2004 election was no different! All citizens must have equal access to voting and the electoral process in order to ensure our democracy!
Following the Rally
"Stand Up and Be Counted; A CASE for Democracy"
Public Symposium,
6:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.
Africentric Middle School, 300 E. Livingston Ave., Columbus, OH.

Download the attachment and click on the links below to find out more.

* CLICK THIS LINK to view the web version of this information and to download a flyer for distribution.
* CLICK THIS LINK to get an overview of 2004 election problems.

* CLICK THIS LINK to read the Caltech/MIT study:


**Evan Davis writes:

Please spread the word immediately - follow up all press releases
and flier distributions with the following advisory;

Metal poles, wooden sticks and plastic pipes that are more than
1/2" in diameter are not permitted on the Statehouse grounds even as
simple sign supports. If you bring signs or banners they must either be
hand-held or supported on cardboard tubes or on PVC frames made from
piping less than 1/2 inch in diameter.

State Troopers will approach you and order you to discard any metal
pipes or wooden stakes. This is a rule they are very diligent about
enforcing. Please comply with this rule so as to avoid any unnecessary
interaction with law enforcement officials.

If gathering on the sidewalks please be sure to keep an aisle open
for through foot traffic and under no circumstances step in to the
street unless permitted to do so by police officers. We don't want any
arrests or property destruction and there are no contingencies for acts
of civil disobedience at this event.

Interim contact: Evan Davis (614) 437-2039, cell (614) 946-3834
Notable quotables:
"There's just a lot of allegations of vote fraud that placed their election, the validity of their elections, in doubt," Bush said. "The international community is watching very carefully. People are paying very close attention to this, and hopefully it will be resolved in a way that brings credit and confidence to the Ukrainian government."
Ohio Republican Party Chairman Robert T. Bennett issued a statement questioning the vote challenges: "These groups have already acknowledged the outcome of the election will not change, and their actions represent a foolish attempt to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the Bush presidency," he said. "I call on the leadership of the Ohio Democratic Party to immediately concede that this worthless recount request is an insult to the integrity of Ohio's election system." - (614) 228-2481 phone
To Volunteer for Recount Ohio Contact:
Holly Hart,
or the Ohio Democratic Party, 614-221-6563

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