November 30, 2004

Group traveling from Chicago to Columbus for December 4th rally

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From: Lora Chamberlain []
Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2004 12:13 AM
To: Ray Beckerman
Now is the time to take back our Democracy from those who tried to steal it this past election, the timing is perfect! Let's go help our brothers and sisters in Ohio and also rally in solidarity with the Ukraine by wearing orange armbands! It takes 6 hours to get to Columbus from Chicago, if you leave at 5:30-6am, you can get there right at 1pm! If you want to share a ride from Chicago, e-mail me at or call 773-486-7660, please tell me where you live and if you have a car to take, how many can fit in it! I can fit 4 adults in my car. Let's go help end this dictatorship!!!!! Dr. Lora

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