November 28, 2004

San Francisco Actions Tomorrow, Monday, November 29th, 11 am & 12 noon.

From S. Culver: (

"This fair elections movement is really picking up steam and the time to
act is now to save our precious democracy! There are TWO RALLIES on Monday
one after another. Come support both and hear a host of amazing speakers
from a variety of different organizations and citizens groups!

Monday, November 29th 11:00AM
From Embarcadero BART station, exit to Davis St. Take Davis North to
Vallejo, turning left onto Vallejo. Turn right onto Front Street.
Contact 510-527-1761
Suggestion: might want to wear black, black armbands, or black ribbons.
To carpool from the Palo Alto area, call (650) 223-3333

- Emergency Rally to Demand Fair and Accountable Elections and to Support
the Recount in Ohio
Monday, November 29th 12:00 Noon
Office of Senator Barbara Boxer
1700 Montgomery St., #240
San Francisco, CA 94111

We insist that Senator Boxer and all of our representatives take immediate
action to safeguard the elections process. A small contingent of us have
been invited to talk with Boxers aide, which we very much appreciate! We
would like to have a huge group of people outside to show support and to
make a lot of joyful democratic noise!

We demand draft legislation to ensure:

- Minimum standards in the voting procedure throughout the US.
- An auditable paper trail for electronic and all voting machines.
- That all "spoiled" ballots and provisional ballots are counted by hand
and fairly.
- To uphold and enforce the Voting Rights Act to prevent the continued
disenfranchisement of minority voters.
- A complete investigation into how to revamp the current processes to
ensure fair and accountable elections.

We urgently ask:

- That Senator Boxer join with Rep. Conyers, Holt, Nadler, Scott, Watt, and
Wexler in demanding a Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigation
of the tens of thousands of reported complaints regarding the 2004 election.
- That Senator Boxer, as our senator, support the recount in Ohio being
performed on the behalf of the Green and Libertarian candidates for
president and the Nader Campaign's recount in New Hampshire as a
non-partisan effort to ensure that every vote is counted.
- That Senator Boxer support the Ohio Democratic Party in their lawsuit to
order Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell to impose uniform standards for
counting provisional votes on all 88 counties.

Cosponsored by United For Peace And Justice, The American Friends Service
Committee (Pacific Mountain Region), CODEPINK Bay Area and the Ronald
Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane


11/27 Letter to Barbara Boxer by M.T. Karthik of Pacifica Radio/KPFK:

Senator Boxer:

Let me begin by saying I voted for you.

And that you may now be the only person that we on the Progressive Left can
approach, because you are in many ways a part of Power and the Ruling Class
in the United States and you are a well-respected member of one of the
Major Parties. We beseech you to ignore Republicans, Democrats and
so-called Progressives who have conceded this election as accomplished
fairly and to independently look into the matter.

Please, Senator Boxer, take up the call for Investigation of the Election
of 2004. Do it now. Before the Electoral College votes and before the
Inauguration of the President.

At this moment - as in 2000 - colleagues of yours in the House are prepared
to contest and investigate the election for fraud. One Senator willing to
ask is all they need to achieve such a request.

Only one single Senator who is politically safe, who has the support of a
Progressive community, and who has the courage of conviction to stand up
and say simply that decisions regarding how we vote and for whom are being
made too quickly, and as a result carelessly, and perhaps erroneously;

that our democratic processes are being rushed and hurried by the
Republicans led by Bush's Karl Rove [called the "architect" of the
re-election by Cheney] and

that democracy is suffering terribly if not critically.

As a woman and a relatively progressive Democrat, you are SAFE in your
district and have recently won re-election easily. People here support you
for your ideas and values.
You are in a SAFE state among people who share many of your beliefs.

After hearing four weeks of testimony from key states [especially Ohio] and
after reading horrifying stories from around the country as to what
happened on Tuesday, November 2, I and many of your other constituents
believe that the results of the 2004 election are significantly riddled
with problems, many of which circumstantially point to the STRONG
possibility of FRAUD and vote fixing.

Senator Boxer, changing the outcome of the election is NOT our interest in
asking this of you.

The desperate and fundamental need for a fair elections process and real
democracy DEMANDS a slower, measured, piece-by-piece investigation
conducted by Congress of the Election of 2004 and in particular of the
votes cast via electronic voting machines.

The falsely named Help America Vote Act served only to rush US counties and
states into purchasing machines that have become Black Holes for American

California's Secretary of State Kevin Shelley was admired by people across
the State for standing up to the manufacturers complicit in rushing these
devices past proper standards and though now he is being attacked within
the system by the powers that be, it is clear he has TREMENDOUS public
support for his forward-looking and progressive actions on e-voting over
the past year and a half.

Senator Boxer, you will be greeted by a flood of support from the
grassroots level if you take this on. You could revolutionize the argument.

By setting an aggressive calendar for hearings and for public and private
input, Secretary of State Shelley was able to decertify machines and to put
out a long, detailed list of 23 conditions for the use of other such
machines to make them safer and more accurate for Californians. He said
when doing this that cheating wasn't going to happen on his watch.

He then testified before the Election Assistance Commission and at both the
Democratic and Republican Conventions, that other states should earnestly
learn from California's experience and institutionalize protections ... but
it was too little, too late.

Other states and indeed Bush's White House and the GOP-controlled Congress
diminished the significance of Secretary of State Shelley's remarkably hard

As our Senator won't you chastise them for what they did to our Secretary
of State? Won't you stop their stampeding toward re-election for long
enough to examine the facts and the data? Won't you please tell the rest of
the country that Californians were very relieved to have had a Secretary of
State who cared enough to demand protections against problems suffered in
other parts of the country?

Please, Senator Boxer, look deep into the future of this country, summon
the courage and do what you do so well.

Stand with your colleagues in the House who believe a Congressional
Investigation into the Election of 2004 is an absolute necessity before the
U.S.A. can pass one more law or engage in one more battle.

Only one Senator is required ... it would make us all proud if you were first.


M.T. Karthik
sent to:




"Blackwell sued over Cuyahoga vote tally: Suit seeks to validate
provisional ballots" by James Ewinger, Cleveland Plain Dealer, 11/27/4
"A national nonpartisan voters' rights group has asked an Ohio court
to reinstate nearly 8,000 provisional ballots ruled invalid in Cuyahoga
"The People for the American Way Foundation filed suit Friday...


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