September 12, 2005

CASE OHIO Planning Meeting -- Columbus, Ohio -- Monday, July 25th, 6:30 P.M.

Meeting Notice:

Schedule has been changed. As of September, meetings are now scheduled for 4th Wednesday of every month.

-R.B. Sept. 12, 2005

CASE OHIO has scheduled a meeting
the 4th Monday of every month, with the next meeting
scheduled for JULY 25TH AT 6:30 PM at the office on
341 S Third., Columbus, OH.

For further information go to">

July 25, 2005
meeting Agenda:
Future meeting dates,
conference call dates,
HB3 Legislation,
Future outreach events,
marketing materials, volunteer skills,
volunteer schedule,
BOE's, keeping Diebold out of remaining Ohio Counties.

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