September 23, 2005

Election Assessment Hearing Preliminary Report Released

Thursday, September 22 marks the release of a Preliminary Report
of Findings by the Election Assessment project. The 54-page
report documents the wide-ranging concerns expressed by voters in
testimony and submissions received at the public Election
Assessment Hearing convened on June 29, 2005 in Houston, Texas.

Testimony and analysis presented at the Houston hearing
represented voters of at least five major and minor political
parties, and described numerous problems and irregularities in
the conduct of the American electoral processes.

The Election Assessment project seeks to foster the use of
established professional methods for the effective improvement of
election processes by administrators, policymakers, standards
bodies, advisors and other voting stewards and participants.
Ongoing goals of the project include capture of the voice of the
customers of the electoral process (the voters) and addressing
the measurement of the process, the analysis of root causes for
defects, and the controlled implementation of improvements.

The Election Assessment Hearing Preliminary Report is available
online at

Contact: Seth Johnson
Phone: 212-543-4266

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