September 19, 2005

Thursday, September 22nd -- Cleveland, Ohio -- Protest Cuyahoga County B.O.E.'s Decision to Put in Diebold Touch-Screen Voting in Cleveland!!!!

Okay, it's happening!

This Thursday,
Sept 22nd,
at 10:45 am.
Corner of Euclid and 30th
near CSU in Cleveland, Ohio.

Protest Cuyahoga County
Board of Elections'
decision to buy Diebold
Voting Machines (DRE's)!

If you think the last election was bad,
wait'll we have electronic voting machines!

Only we can stop them!
Please try to make it
this Thursday at 10:45am.
Spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!

-Vicki Lovegren

Information about the Cuyahoga E-Voting Saga can be found at:

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