September 03, 2005

Report: Lucas County Board of Elections Violated Election Law In Many Ways

An April 2005 report of the Ohio Secretary of State's Office Found the Lucas County Board of Elections guilty of numerous violations of election law, including

- Failure to maintain ballot security;

- Failure to implement and maintain a trackable system for voter ballot

- Failure to prepare and develop a plan for the processing of the voluminous
amount of voter registration forms received;

- Issuance of incorrect absentee ballot forms;

- Acceptance of incorrect absentee ballots;

- Manipulation of the process involving the 3% recount;

- Failure to follow Court order directing removal of Nader and
Camejo from the ballot;

- Failure to properly issue hospital ballots in accordance with statutory

- Failure to maintain the security of poll books during the official canvass;

- Failure to examine campaign finance reports in a timely manner;

- Failure to guard and protect public documents;

- Failure to prepare staff election plan;

- Deficient current administrative operations; and,

- Failure to comply with administrative oversight status mandates.

A copy of the complete report is available at

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