September 08, 2005

Oakland, California -- September 13th -- "Elections in Crisis!" -- 12 noon to 10 p.m.


with the support of KPFA Free Speech Radio, 94.1 FM



Who's Cheating, and What We Can Do About It

An All-Day Expose´ of Electronic Vote Theft, Suppression, and Media Coverup in Election 2004

featuring the nation's foremost fraud investigators, the best election documentaries you've never seen,

and action proposals from participating organizations with follow-through networking

TUESDAY, September 13, Noon to 10 p.m. (and beyond)

Grand Lake Theater, 3200 Grand Avenue, Oakland


BOB FITRAKIS and STEVEN ROSENFELD, speaking on their new book
Did George W. Bush Steal America's 2004 Election? -- Essential Documents

BEV HARRIS, Investigative Reporter and Founder of Black Box, speaking on
The Mechanics of Vote-Rigging: How They Do It

Introductions by Larry Bensky, Pacifica National Affairs Correspondent, host of KPFA's Sunday Salon

Act 1: Afternoon Fraud Fest of Documentary Shorts and Features, 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Suggested Donation: $6.00

Act 2: Evening Program: Elections In Crisis! 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Suggested Donation: $10.00

Act 3: Networking to Reclaim Democracy 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.



Available one week in advance at the Grand Lake Theater box office noon to 10 p.m. daily, and at the door.
Early Purchase Will-Call tickets available now. Send request to or leave message at 510 740 0572.
Only 600 tickets available; order early to reserve a seat.


Groups working for electoral integrity are invited to help publicize this event and mobilize our audience.
We intend to inform, motivate, and organize toward a unified strategy to restore democracy.

* Participating Organizations will be credited in publicity announcements, and invited to host literature and outreach tables in the theater lobby during the afternoon film fest and evening events.

* Those with projects to educate and engage citizens in electoral activism will be invited to make five-minute audience presentations, as time allows, then enlist citizen volunteers during the networking session following the speakers. We intend this event to continue long after we leave the theater, until the day everyone's vote is counted as cast.

* Organizations wishing to participate in this event, please respond with the name of your group, the name, phone, and e-mail of a contact person, a description of your group's involvement in voting rights and elections issues, and if you wish, a proposal for a five-minute presentation.
Please send your responses to or to (510) 740-0572 (voicemail).

This event is a benefit for the Voting Rights Task Force of the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, the people who brought you the January 6 Boxer Rebellion, the Election Rigging 101 National Teach-in, and the continuing battle to eradicate Diebold from Alameda County, and all blackbox voting fraud from California and the nation.

The VRTF expresses its great appreciation to our speakers, the filmmakers, and Allen Michaan and the Grand Lake Theater for donating their time, creative work, and resources to this cause of securing our votes and reclaiming our democracy.


YOU Can Help Promote this Event. Here's a poster you can photocopy and distribute. Download here:
(a pdf file, black&white, prints vertically on legal (14") paper, or at 75% scale on standard 11" paper)


-Dan Ashby

For further information contact:


Phone: 510-233-2144

Voicemail and Fax: 510-740-0572

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