November 07, 2004

What can be done about what happened in Ohio?

I've received a lot of inquiries about what can be done? Here's an email I received that has some good ideas:

Thank you all for your supportive responses to the allegations of election> fraud in the 2004 presidential election.>> Here are some concrete actions that you can take that will make a> difference.>> Please keep your indignation alive and use that energy to raise the issue> publicly until the mass media can use the "F" word - fraud.>> Please keep the energy going to help educate the public regarding the> devastating truth that our electoral process is broken and is being taken> over by right wing zealots and privatization.>> Send financial donations to:, Bev Harris' site. She> is doing a world of good with her tenacious and brave work. She sent out> Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to every county in the country,> and that type of effort requires funds. Read Black Box Voting, by Bev> Harris, available on the web, to arm yourself with the sad facts of a> broken electoral process.>> Also, send donations to The Electronic Frontier Foundation> has been instrumental in all litigation across the country relating to> e-voting (electronic voting).>> Send donations to and and> These organizations have done a lion's share of> getting the word out about what is wrong in this country's electoral> process.>> Contact and and> and tell them to help pursue a post-election challenge to the vote> tallies. Donate money to these organizations.>> Write to your local newspapers to inform the public at large what is going> on. Tell them to cover the election debacle and tell them to use the "F"> word liberally.>> FAX Ralph Nader, 202-265-0092, and tell him to file for recounts and> reexaminations of the tally in the states in which he was on the ballot.>> Write to John Conyers (D - Mich), Ranking Member of the House Judiciary> Committee on the Constitution, who has requested a Congressional Hearing> on the 2004 election. Tell him you support the request and that you want> him to push for the hearing to be held as soon as possible.>> Contact Information for John Conyers:> Washington DC E-Mail Address:> <>> Washington DC Web Address:> <>> Washington DC Web Mail Address:> ...> <>> Washington DC Web Mail Address:> <>>> Washington DC Address> 2426 Rayburn House Office Building> Washington, DC 20515-2214> Phone: 202-225-5126> Fax: 202-225-0072>> District Address - Detroit> Federal Building, Room 669> 231 West Lafayette Boulevard> Detroit, MI 48226-2766> Phone: 313-961-5670> Fax: 313-226-2085>> District Address - Southgate> DCC Building> 15100 Northline Road, Suite 257> Southgate, MI 48195> Phone: 734-285-5624> Fax: 734-285-5943>> Campaign Address> 19512 Livernoise> Detroit, MI 48221> Phone: 313-864-3671>> Write to George Soros and ask him to help fund litigation in Ohio and> Florida to challenge the vote tallies.>> c/o Open Society Institute--New York > 888 7th Avenue > New York, N.Y. 10106 > United States of America > Telephone: +1-212-757-2323> Fax: +1-212-974-0367> E-mail: <> > Web: <> >>>> Write to the DNC and ask why Senator Kerry capitulated so quickly - before> the information on the vote tallies was even beginning to come in. Tell> them that Senator Kerry needs to take back his concession. Democratic> National Committee, 430 South Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003. Their> phone number is 202-863-8000. Their web-site is:>> Contact the Kerry campaign and tell them that he has done a great> disservice to the American people by capitulating so quickly - before> information could be gathered. Tell him to reconsider in light of all that> is coming to the surface.> Contact National Headquarters> Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.> P.O. Box 34640> Washington, DC 20043> 202-712-3000> 202-712-3001 (fax)> 202-336-6950 (TTY)> Stay in touch with and .>> Finally, forward this to all of you friends, acquaintances, listservs,> etc.>>> CASE Ohio is helping organize a public hearing this week regarding this> year's election. It will be at a time a place TBD. Please consider> attending. More information later.>> Keep up the good fight.>> Thank you.>> Susan>> Susan Truitt> Co-founder, CASE Ohio, Citizens' Alliance for Secure Elections>> 614-487-1759> 614-270-5239>>>

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