December 29, 2004

3rd Gathering to Save Our Democracy, Nashville, Tennessee, Sunday January 2nd, 2:00 PM-5:00PM

The third Gathering To Save Our Democracy is likely to be an historic affair, and I hope all of you can be there. We have now added a former Commissioner on the U.S. Civil Rights Commission as another one of our speakers. I will also have updated information in a PowerPoint presentation from the recently released "raw" exit polls which proves that Kerry won the election. I will also have updates from Florida, Ohio and New Mexico recount efforts; and a review of other actions around the country. Barbara Jones has agreed to facilitate one of the break-out sessions and I hope one of the others of you will agree to serve as a facilitator for the other break-out group. (It will mainly involve just keeping track of peoples' brainstorming ideas about short and long-term strategies for ensuring and enhancing voting rights and reporting out those suggestions. Please email me if you can facilitate a group.) I've also added some information below about free parking across 21st from Benton Chapel. The Tennessean article today on the Gathering (Saturday) was excellent.

And the active support of the Nashville NAACP should also greatly improve our attendance. But each of you can do your part to spread the word tonight and tomorrow morning. We will all learn a great deal from the civil rights pioneers who will speak tomorrow, and from sharing our ideas for taking our country back with each other. See all of you tomorrow.



SUNDAY, 01/02/05, 2:00-5:00 PM



(west side of 21st Avenue near the main Vanderbilt library
free parking in the CVS Pharmacy parking garage
go east on Scarritt at 21st Avenue traffic light)



This Sunday, January 2, 2005, will mark the third Gathering To Save Our Democracy in Nashville. Our two previous gatherings, held on the steps of the Tennessee State Capital, have been well attended by people from throughout Tennessee and other states, and have generated some much-needed media coverage for the 2004 election fraud/theft issue. here's a link which describes our second Gathering: We want to continue to build momentum and support for free and fair elections here in Tennessee by scheduling this third Gathering To Save Our Democracy this coming Sunday (01/02/05). This third Gathering will help us garner more media attention and help us move forward to pursue remedies to the threats which our election process now faces.

We are honored and very appreciative that Vanderbilt University is allowing us to use Benton Chapel free of charge for this third Gathering. At the Gathering, we will have several speakers, including honored veterans of the 1960s Nashville civil rights movement including, among others:
Rev. Sonnye Dixon, President of the Davidson County Chapter of NAACP,
Amos Jones, former President of the Davidson County Chapter of NAACP,
Michael Grant, a local Democratic activist who has had experience with voting machines and
Jerry Maynard
, Attorney, who is the former state minority outreach chair of the Kerry/Edwards campaign in Tennessee.
These speakers can remind us what was necessaary to secure voting rights in the past. In addition, we will have social scientists who can review the latest evidence for election fraud in Ohio and other states, and local and national elected officials and their representatives who will discuss the steps we must take to reverse this situation.

We will also have discussion groups which will focus on short-term and long-term strategies to overcome this 2004 election theft and to prevent it from happening again in the future. Finally, the Gathering will end when we send Tennesseans to Columbus, Ohio to participate in another large rally organized by the Reverend Jesse Jackson to protest the Ohio election sham on Monday, January 3. At the Gathering, we will distribute new summaries of election fraud information and, if possible, we will allow opportunities for anyone (and everyone) who wishes to speak to do so. So please join us Sunday for an historic Gathering.

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