December 23, 2004

Progressive Democrats of America Take Ohio Voting Fraud Issue to Floor of Senate


Wednesday, December 21, 2004

Progressive Democrats take Voting Fraud Issues to the Floor of the Senate
Washington, D.C. – Today, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) launched an online campaign to send thousands of emails to members of the Senate, urging them to stand with progressive members of the House of Representatives on January 6th. Rather than have a repeat of the Senatorial silence of 2000, this election's certification should find at least one Senator, and perhaps many, who will stand with the voters who were disenfranchised and suppressed during the November 2nd, 2004 election. Tonight, PDA is reporting over 12,000 emails sent to targeted Senators.

"We cannot expect to promote democracy around the world when we cannot even guarantee the right to vote in the state of Ohio," Tim Carpenter, National Director of PDA stated. "There are outstanding lawsuits, testimonies, and growing data proving votes were deliberately suppressed in Ohio. Until these issues can be fully aired by a Congressional investigation, we ask that Senators of conscience stand with the many members of the House who will contest the vote."

Progressive Democrats of America has heard from thousands of voters who have had their right to vote compromised by actions ranging from blatant electioneering to irresponsible management of election technologies. As a result of these testimonies, and the mobilization effort within PDA's constituency, the staff at PDA was instrumental in bringing testimony to the Minority Judiciary Hearings held on December 8th by Rep. John Conyers, and to the hearings in Ohio.

Progressive Democrats of America has already launched several email campaigns regarding this issue, targeting members of the House and the national media. Over 30,000 email messages have been sent by grassroots activists to targeted members of Congress.

This new email campaign, focused on targeted Senators, launched on the morning of December 21st, the same time a nationwide conference call on voting issues was made to mobilize around this effort. The call included Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rep. Barbara Lee (CA), Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (OH) and dozens of the coalition groups who have mobilized around this effort.



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