December 31, 2004

Former Congressman Peter Deutsch to Assist Challenge of Ohio Electors

For Immediate Release December 31, 2004

Contact Stephen Gaskill 202-257-9298

Former Congressman Peter Deutsch to Assist Constitutional Challenge of
Electors on Behalf of ReDefeatBush, the DoNotConcede Coalition and other

Rallies for the Republic in Boston Monday and San Francisco Tuesday

[Washington, DC 12/31/05] The Committee to ReDefeat the President, a
federal PAC better known by the name of its popular Web
site, has secured the assistance of Peter Deutsch, who will conclude his
tenure as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives at noon on Monday
1/3/05. Deutsch will help ReDefeatBush and other organizations that are
working on a Constitutional Challenge to the electoral votes of Florida,
Ohio and potentially other states.

Preparations are underway for a public forum on Wednesday afternoon at the
Capitol at which Deutsch will publicly question some of the key witnesses to
activities that may have surpassed the boundaries of normal partisanship
and crossed over into illegal activity in Florida. For the benefit of
Members of Congress considering supporting the challenge Deutsch will be
publicly questioning Bev Harris of Black Box Voting, who witnessed the
unlawful disposal of original voter registries that are required to be
archived under Florida law and other key witnesses and experts.

"I am enormously pleased to be working with Peter Deutsch," said
ReDefeatBush founder David Lytel, "because I am sure that he can explain
what happened in Florida on election day with great clarity. Peter's
intellect, integrity and his standing with his former colleagues make him
the ideal person to help us with this," Lytel added.

ReDefeatBush is sponsoring two Rallies for the Republic this week. The
first is in Boston on Monday at 7:00 PM at Fanueil Hall. In addition to
Lytel, former Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Pat Lemarche will
speak, as well Tom Barbera, one of the Massashusetts electors; Faye
Morrison, a Selectwoman in Ayre who has worked with Election Protection in
several states; Donna Palermino, attorney who will speak on the legal
aspects of the challenge and Jonathan Simon, a lawyer and investigator who
has done original research work on the 2004 election results.

On Tuesday Lytel will be at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco at 7:00
Herbst Theater along with some recent graduates of the Electoral College in
California and Emily Levy, who will report on her work with statistician
Richard Hayes Phillips about anomalies in the results in Ohio. Music and
humor will be provided by Verifygra. Linda Bryket's 24 minute film on what
happened in Columbus, OH on election day entitled video the vote will be
shown at both events.

On Thursday January 6 there will be a Defend Democracy, Support the
Challenge rally at noon in Upper Senate Park with Green Party Presidential
candidate David Cobb, Rev. Jesse Jackson (invited), voting rights
activists Granny D, Deutsch, Lytel and other speakers. Musical guests will
include Swing States Road Show, and singer/songwriters Yikes McGee and Jack

ReDefeatBush has a quarter page advertisement scheduled to run on the
Federal Page of the Washington Post on Monday and this week is putting out
a 20,000 piece mailing asking for financial support for its activities.

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