December 29, 2004

Important!!! Contact Senator Byrd!!!


A delegation of West Virginia Citizens today met with Anne Smith, State
Director of US Senator Robert Byrd's Charleston office. We presented Ms
Barth with a letter to Senator Byrd requesting him to challenge the
certification of the electoral votes until the legal challenges to the
voting in Ohio can be resolved.

Ms Barth commented that they were getting calls and messages in support of
the challenge. Please take time to contact Byrd and ask him to uphold our
constitutional right to a fair and open election process by challenging the
electoral vote on Jan 6th. Call 202-224-3954 - Byrd's Washington Office.

Ms Barth also asked for copies of NYT, Washington Post or other nationally
recognized news articles on the Ohio vote situation. She specifically
requested faxed copies of actual printed news articles, not web copies. Her
fax number is 304-343-7144.

Representatives of WV Common Cause, WV Citizen Action Group, West Virginians
for HAVA (verified voting group), WV Mountain Party, WV Patriots for Peace
and others attended the meeting and signed the letter.

Gary Zuckett, WV Mountain Party

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