December 31, 2004

Message from

Message from

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid
of our country.

Rep. Conyers has committed to contesting the 2004 Ohio Electoral College
vote on January 6th. Given the incredible pressure to ignore all the
alleged vote fraud and not to question whether Bush's alleged victory was
a sham, Conyers' actions show uncommon courage. Is there even one
Senator who can match Conyers' courage and dedication?

Probably not, unless all of us let them know, in no uncertain terms,
that they will not be representing us unless they join Conyers in
fighting for a fair consideration of the abuses and fraud in Ohio.
We must let them know that if they wish to represent us, they must
demand that every vote is counted (and recounted when necessary) and
that every vote will count toward the official result of the 2004

If you still have any doubt that the 2004 election was a sham, be sure
to look at this powerpoint slide show:

We now know, beyond any reasonable doubt, that this election was a sham.
We can only guess why the mainstream media isn't covering the story
and why Congressional members are loathe to discuss it. The sad truth
is that today, in the U.S., our democracy is weaker than the Ukraine's.
I hope it isn't too late to change that. Please join me in standing
with Rep. Conyers by encouraging your Senators to support him in contesting
the Ohio vote. Get informed, get mad, get loud, from now through Thursday,
at the very least. Remember, they have no power without our consent. For any
politician that fails to support democracy in this dark hour, we will have
two words: You're Fired!

You could start by sending faxes, e-mails and letters to editors this weekend.
Then, forward this e-mail to your friends and colleagues.
Start hitting the phones Monday morning 8:00 am Eastern, 5:00 am Pacific
and don't let up. (links to Congressional contact info are included below)

Thank you for all you're doing-- it does make a difference,


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