December 28, 2004

ReDefeatBush Announces Its Calendar of Events Leading to Constitutional Challenge of Electors on 1/6/05

Media Advisory For Immediate Release 12/28/04

Contact Stephen Gaskill 202-257-9298

Calendar of Events Leading to Constitutional Challenge of Electors on 1/6/05

** ReDefeatBush founder David Lytel will hold a press conference at
National Press Building Wednesday 12/29 at 11:00 AM in the Lisagor Room on
ReDefeatBush's Activities between now and 1/20/05. See for more on strategy and tactics of
the Constitutional Challenge including relevant Federal statutes and the
written Challenge from 1/6/2000 **

12/29/04 Press Conference, National Press Building, Washington, DC, 11:00 AM

Lytel will show video segments from Ohio that provide visual confirmation
for the assertion that the vote suppression and fraud surpassed the bounds
of normal partisanship and crossed over into illegal activity, and
distribute videotapes in BetaSP format to the first 25 television
journalists to arrive. He will also distribute copies of the op-ed refused
by the Washington Post editorial department but accepted by the advertising
department to run in the paper Thursday or Friday at a cost of
$11,358. More information is available in detail at And he will announce large
scale "Rallies for the Republic" in Boston on 1/3/05 and in San Francisco
on 1/4/05, provide an update on the speakers outside the Capitol on 1/6,
reveal more details about the composition of the legal team for the
Constitutional Challenge, announce a postal solicitation for financial
support to go to 20,000 Volvo owners in DC and SF and the creation of the
Robert Morris Fund to collect contributions to go into our work on the
constitutional challenge

1/3/05 Boston, MA (Location announced tomorrow) 7:00 PM

In cooperation with the Coalition Against Election Fraud, ReDefeatBush will
hold a Rally for the Republic at which citizens can express in public their
call to their Senators and Representatives in Congress to support the
Constitutional Challenge. A short video on vote suppression in Ohio will
also be shown. More information at

1/4/05 San Francisco, CA (Location announced tomorrow)

A second Rally for the Republic to be held in San Francisco and focused on
California's Congressional delegation. The video will also be shown. More
information at

1/6/05 Upper Senate Park, Washington, DC at Noon

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Green Party Presidential candidate David Cobb and
Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik (invited) are
expected to headline the Rally for the Republic in support of the Challenge
inside the Capitol. To be netcast live on More information

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